How It Works
Hub for project owners/buyers and suppliers for estimating and buying of valves for the energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, water and food processing industries.
Project Owners
Contact valve suppliers to compare market prices and delivery schedules to meet your project requirements.
Receive enquiries meeting your supply requirements and extend your supply chain and increase sales.
Tell us about your project
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Tell us of your project valve(s) requirements, upload specification(s) and/or datasheets including documentation and testing requirements.
You can also upgrade your project to:
Urgent: make suppliers aware that proposals are required back urgently due to project timescales. Let us work for you: by expediting your requirements. Our team will review your requirements, and use our expertise to contact suppliers and find suppliers which can meet your project requirements and advise you of our findings. Commercial evaluation: our team will commercially evaluate your selected proposals (shortlisted to four maximum) to advise which supplier best fits your project’s requirements commercially. We will provide a tabulated tender evaluation form (typically used by design companies).
Get in touch with the suppliers
Simple and time saving approach to broaden your search of suppliers to ensure you are getting the best valve prices and/or deliver durations meeting your project requirements. We provide project owners an easy to use and secure web interface for project(s) proposals and correspondence with suppliers, with features to search and filter and personalise. Everything you need to know about your projects is in one secure place.
Suppliers will provide proposals based on the details you provide, allowing you to:
  • Collate proposals and get to know suppliers.
  • Make a shortlist of your preferred suppliers and reject the ones which do not meet your project requirements. Alternatively with an upgrade team will assist you with this.
  • Correspond direct with suppliers to finalise quotations allowing you to conclude and select the preferred supplier for your project this time .
Our system allows you to collate and file proposals which are stored for 1 year. This is active from the moment a supplier enquiries about your project.
After we have helped you, place an order direct with the supplier which meets your requirements

After helping you to gain competitive quotations and assist with your selection of the preferred supplier we are happy we have added value to the process and done our job!

The next step in the procurement cycle is to place the order with the preferred supplier and we are happy that the project owner and supplier deal directly with successful delivery of the project.

Complete your project and rate the supplier
When your project is successfully complete you will be able to rate the supplier and help other users in the future.